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Upcoming screenings

Picturehouse, Exeter

Monday 30th November  6:30 PM 18h30

(Sunday 29th November 3 PM  15h00)

Picturehouse York – Monday Dec. 7th, 6:30 PM

Chapter, Cardiff - 4th, 8th - 10th December

December 4 – December 8,9,10  (4 screenings)

National Media Museum, Bradford - 5th/6th/7th/10th December

Odeon, Bath (Bath Film Festival) - 12th December 6 PM

Q& A with Donald Lynden-Bell in person, joined by Alison Rose via skype

Previous Screenings

Picturehouse Central, London Monday  30th Nov 

6:30 PM 18h30

Q & A



Arts Picturehouse Cambridge 20th - 26th November




Bertha Dochouse, Curzon Bloomsbury, London


Monday 23 Nov  6:30 PM Q&A with Director Alison Rose & Prof. Ofer Lahav, UCL 

Additional Screenings:  Tuesday 24 & Thurs.  26 Nov. 18:30

Wednesday,  25 Nov. 12:00 noon






Regent Street Cinema – 24th November  20:15





Film Theatre Glasgow – 24 & 25th November



Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds –

24th November   6:30 PM





Sunday 8 Nov. 14h20  Dagmar Teatret 
(Meet the director)

Tuesday 10 Nov. 21h00  Absalon 
(Meet the director & talk by Astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen)

Saturday 14 Nov.  17h00 Vester Vov Vov 


RIDM, Montreal


Friday  13 Nov. 20h45  Cinema du Parc 2 

(Meet the director & special guest Prof. Nick Woolf)


Monday 16 Nov 18h00  Cinematheque Quebecoise - Salle Claude-Jutra 

(Meet the director)




Sunday 15 Nov. 11h45 Gate Cinema 




Opening Film  Thursday 03 September 2015,    19:30 at Arts Picturehouse

Repeat screening  Friday 04 September 2015,    17:00 at The Light


Sunday 07 June 2015,   PBS America Showroom 3 

Tuesday 09 June 2015,  Molinare Library Theatre

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