We're celebrating starman-Nick Woolf's birthday in Tucson & kicking off a US tour!

August 30, 2016

Looking ahead to September 14th,  We're travelling to Tucson, Arizona for the US premier of STARMEN at the LOFT CINEMA.   There's a lot to celebrate:  we are honored that this screening is associated with a new space mission, the University of Arizona's Osiris-Rex Asteroid Sample Return Mission.  Osiris Rex  is scheduled to launch September 8th.  The screening is a special Science on Screen event at the Loft,  on the eve of Nick Woolf's 84th birthday. Nick is celebrating a lifetime of friendship & exploration with friends and colleagues at the University of Arizona, where he was a professor for 34 years.  Come join Nick for a movie night, a question & answer with the star & the director & a piece of cake!

Next,  starman-Donald Lynden-Bell and  filmmaker Alison Rose  are flying to Princeton University for a special start-of-term outdoor screening  (weather permitting).  Follow Donald's and Alison's tour on this blog. 

September 14 - the Loft Cinema co-presented by the University of Arizona, Osiris Rex Mission this is a special Science on Screen evening,  complete with birthday cake!

September 19 - Princeton - Fine Plaza - 7:30 PM

September 20 - Columbia

September 22 - MIT

September 28 - Caltech

September 29 - The Art Cinema, Long Beach * Just Announced


To find out how to add your campus  or theatre to our screening tour,  contact us. 


More dates to be announced!  We are working toward ....


January 4 - American Astronomical Society, Gaylord, Texas



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