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Post- screening portrait: left to right, Princeton undergrad, Eric Grieve (nephew of Donald Lyden-Bell), Lynden-Bell, Michael Strauss, Alison Rose, and her parents, Dan and Ruth Rose. The Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University invited Donald Lynden-Bell and director, Alison Rose to visit the University and screen STARMEN - Saturday September 17 to 20th. The visit included time to recover from jet lag; dinner with faculty & family; a day of meetings in the Department where Alison met with Jenny Greene, Jill Knapp, Netta Bahcall, Jim Gunn and many other astronomers; the screening & Q&A; and a day at the Institute of Advanced Study. (Alison missed the IAS! and instead made a surprise all-day emergency visit to Jill Knapp's dentist. Thank you Jill; thank you Dr. Lekha Tull. )

Alison and Donald with Scott Tremaine and James our driver, in front of Fuld Hall, the IAS. Scott works at the IAS. He is a fellow Canadian, the founding director of the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics where Alison worked while making STARMEN, a friend of Donald's and a fan of the film. James both met us at the airport and arrived at the end of our visit, to drive us to New York.

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